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Restaurants. Antique stores. Consignment shops. Bars. Hardware stores. Can a wheelchair get in? Bookstores. Hair salons. Banks. Bakeries. Do you have access? To coffee shops? Law offices?


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400+ Bardstown Rd. businesses hear from MetroSweep about access

Sept. 22, 2003 -- Over 400 business owners with businesses open to the public along the popular Bardstown Road corridor are receiving letters from Louisville MetroSweep for Access this week.

The letters remind business owners that they are required to follow the federal Americans with Disabilities Act if they have businesses open to the public. Restaurants, bars, bookstores, coffee shops, video stores, hairdressers and consignment shops are just a few of the kinds of businesses covered under the law.

"Can people who use wheelchairs get into your restaurant, your bar, your consignment shop, your store?" asks the letter. "If not, you may be breaking the law." The letter directs them to the pamphlet prepared by the Small Business Administration and the U.S. Department of Justice. Businesses are also given the option of emailing MetroSweep at mail@metrosweep.org for a copy. They are also given information about contacting the Disabilities Coordinator at the Louisville Metro Human Services Office for Aging and Disabled Citizens.

Louisville MetroSweep for Access plans to expand its campaign to businesses along Bardstown Road, as many of our members would like to patronize businesses along this corridor, but cannot because there is no wheelchair access. In the past, MetroSweep has notified businesses that they are in violation of the ADA law, given them information and a reasonable time to remove the barriers, and, as a last resort, filed suit.

The letters sent this week are being sent to all Bardstown Road businesses in the 40204 and 40205 zipcodes, purely as an informational courtesy. The project is being paid for by private donations. It is an expansion of our "Christmas in July" event, which notified businesses in the 1200 and 1300 blocks of their legal obligations.

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