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Restaurants. Antique stores. Consignment shops. Bars. Hardware stores. Can a wheelchair get in? Bookstores. Hair salons. Banks. Bakeries. Do you have access? To coffee shops? Law offices?


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Thank you for helping with our "De-segregation Campaign"

March, 2004 -- photo of ramp Not long ago, I and other disabled folks asked people to join us in a "de-segregation campaign" for a newly renovated bookstore that opened with new steps at its entrance -- and a special, segregated accessible entrance for wheelchair users around the side.

This was not an easy issue to explain: the bookstore was accessible, but the wheelchair accessible entrance is not the main entrance -- and there's a doorbell.

We asked you to help us make the point that "special is not equal" -- especially if the separate entrance is locked -- which, before our campaign, it usually was (or the doorbell was broken).

And some of you did help us, and it worked! We could not "tear down those steps" at the main entrance, but the bookstore personnel is being more responsible and, after several weeks of checking, we've found the door often unlocked and the doorbell -- if needed -- is answered promptly.

The Louisville MetroSweep for Access, Access to the Arts, Inc., the Metro Disability Coalition and other disability groups want to thank you for joining us in this "De-segregation Campaign."

Cass Irvin, for Louisville MetroSweep for Access

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