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John E's Restaurant Settles Suit Over Access

March, 2006 -- John E's Restaurant and Lounge has settled a disability access lawsuit filed by Metrosweep member Cheryl M. in U.S. District Court in Louisville. Under the terms of the settlement, John E's agreed to spend more than $25,000 on wheelchair accessibility remediations as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act, improvements which corrected wheelchair access problems with parking, entrances, circulation in the restaurant, bathrooms, and more. John E.'s also agreed to pay plaintiff Cheryl M. $1,250 in damages. 

Cheryl M. had patronized John E's in 2001 and 2004 and on both occasions found steps blocking access to the facility's only restrooms. Both times, she complained to a manager on duty. Nothing was done until after she filed her lawsuit. 

John E's was also found in violation of Kentucky's civil rights law because of its lack of access. That law provides for awards of damages to persons facing facilities and services not accessible to individuals with disabilities.

John E's is among the most profitable restaurants in Kentucky and has hosted millionaire thoroughbred trainer Bob Baffert, a three-time Kentucky Derby winner.

Representing plaintiff Cheryl M. was John Page Garrett, a disability rights attorney based in Nashville. Garrett has since 1993 accrued over 20,000 hours representing individuals with disabilities and is helping clients in several states.

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