Louisville Metro Sweep for Access

Restaurants. Antique stores. Consignment shops. Bars. Hardware stores. Can a wheelchair get in? Bookstores. Hair salons. Banks. Bakeries. Do you have access? To coffee shops? Law offices?


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Outlook Inn becomes accessible
Outlook Inn owner Ralph Bridges renovated his bar's front entrance in Nov. 2002, installing a ramp where a step had been, and installing a handrail.
Congratulations, Outlook Inn!
See photo of entrance

Sir Churchill's restaurant improves access
Sir Churchill's English Pub and Eatery in J'town ( 10317 Watterson Trail; 297-8600) responded to concerns of Louisville Metro Sweep members Rebecca Ramsey and Karen Gassman. In response to a letter from Louisville Metro Sweep, Sir Churchill's re-paved their parking lot
  • making the ramp flush with the surface of the parking lot and
  • adding handicap parking spaces.
Congratulations, Sir Churchill's!
See photo of ramp | See photo of new parking spaces
See photos from party celebrating access

Baxter Station becomes accessible
Baxter Station, at 1201 Payne St. (584-1635) has added a ramp to make its entrance accessible!
Thanks, Baxter Station!
Read story in May 28, 2002 Courier-Journal

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