Louisville Metro Sweep for Access

Restaurants. Antique stores. Consignment shops. Bars. Hardware stores. Can a wheelchair get in? Bookstores. Hair salons. Banks. Bakeries. Do you have access? To coffee shops? Law offices?


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Now accessible...

Since we started MetroSweep, over a dozen businesses have created or improved access for customers in wheelchairs due to efforts of our members. Some of these businesses are listed below. When you patronize these establishments, let them know you're glad they've become accessible!

photo of ramp at Carmichael's Frankfort Ave. store

Frankfort Ave.

Sir Churchilll's
Somewhere in Thyme

Frankfort Ave.
B. Deemer Gallery
Carmichael's Books
Heine Bros. Coffee
Jerry Heston Hairdressing
Just Creations
Louisville Academy of Music

Baxter Ave./Bardstown Rd.
Baxter Station Bar & Grill
Heine Bros. Coffee (Longest Ave.)
Kashmir's Indian Restaurant
Outlook Inn
Wild & Woolly Video

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